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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Online JOBS (Part-2)



1. PC/Laptop

You can get your PC or Laptop, else can use Cyber Cafe.

2. Internet Connection

Get internet connection with minimum bandwidth of 10 Kb/sec.

3. Email Address

Must have an own Email account or else you can create one if you don't have one yet. The list of free Email Account Providers are:

a. G mail

b. Yahoo, etc

But I recommend you to use Google Mail (G mail). Because G mail is the best.

4. Payment Processors Account (Any One)

The list of Payment Processor are:

a. PayPal

b. MoneyBookers

c. Net teller, etc

I know what are you thinking just now. You are thinking that 

"Which one is the Best Payment Processor that I should create my account in?"



Just now at present if you don't have an account in any of the given above Payment Processor then just don't create it. I'll tell you about this later on in the next upcoming Step. Frankly, I must say that there are no any Best Payment Processors because each Payment Processors carries its own merits and demerits. You have to create your Payment Processor according to the Online Paying Site which we'll discuss in the upcoming Step. 


Here, I just want to make a thing clear, that is if you want your earned money to arrive at your hand the next day of your work. Then you must have one of the above-given Payment Processor Account.

Or else your earned money will be sent to you through Check on your registered address which you used during the account registration with the Online Paying Site. Which may take a little time to arrive based on your location.

5. Believe in Yourself, Hard Work, Passion, and Desire to succeed

If you don't have any of these then even GOD can't help you out. 

Proceed to Step 2



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