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Step 5

How to register and start earning with PTC’s?
Now here, finally in this this step I’m gonna teach you how to register with all those PTC’s and start earning with them. Please follow the given below steps very carefully.

Registering process
Step 1 Click anyone of the PTC links available in the Step 6 page (The last step of this blog to start earning online.). For example, click Neobux link.
Step 2 A registration page opens and you must register there by giving your correct Email id ,Paypal id or Payza id or may be both.

Remember to be very careful in registering because you can register only once from your IP address.

Step 3 Complete your registration and Login into your registered PTC's account.

Earning Process
Step 1 Click View Advertisements in your registered PTC's account.
Step 2 In the next page you will be able to see 4-8 or more than 10 links.
Step 3 Click anyone of the link and a new website opens in a new window of your browser. Don't bother about the site. Let it to load.
Step 4 At the top of the newly opened site you'll notice a PTC's bar loading.
Step 5 Wait till the PTC's bar loads completely and says "Your account has been successfully credited".
Step 6 Now close this page and view all the remaining advertisements in the similar way.

The advertisement click reset at a particular mentioned time. After the ads reset at that time, you can click those ads and get some more money. Which means you can click the same ad to get the money after 24 hours, that is tomorrow. After registering in all these PTC sites,bookmark all the Login pages of these sites in your web browser so that it is easy for you to login and click daily!! Remember registering process is very similar to the above given registration process for all the PTC's. In some PTC's you can view the advertisements by clicking SURF ADS,SURF,VIEW ADVERTS,etc.,

Now for the final step you'll need the link of the Elite and Genuine PTC's. So, for this you must

Proceed to Step 6


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    1. Thanks for the reply. And I'll be positing more free online JOBS like Data Entry,Social Media Jobs,Forum Filling etc. on up coming week. Don't forget to come back. And you can ask me anything about free online JOBS.



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